"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Picasso    

Picasso's words inspire The San Diego Art Department keep to vital and vibrant the artist in all of us. It's 3,700 square feet of creative play space which beckons all manner of artists to work, play, learn, teach, exhibit, critique and commune with one another in a venue designed specifically for painting, pottery, sculpting, tiling, exhibiting, and more.







Our Talent
The San Diego Art Department is pleased to offer classes and workshops taught by an amazing collection of San Diego artist and educators (and some stand up comedians thrown in for good measure). The Instructors at SDAD range from self-taught to ph.D. trained and credentialed individuals. They offer combined teaching experiences of more than 100 years, with exhibition galleries and museums from around the world. We are honored to have each of them here!
Our Mission
At the San Diego Art Department our goal is to establish itself as a sacred place that encourages the creativity of artist of all ages and stimulate the ongoing flow of ideas and expression. San Diego Art Dept. is a dynamic artistic community with rewarding educational opportunities. We offer a relaxing and inspirational venue to escape from the routine and hectic pace of life.


Come and Enjoy
  • Monthly Memberships including use of studio space and materials
  • Art Classes for Youth and Adults given and taken in subjects ranging from Ceramics and Painting to Fabric Design.
  • Spring Calendar will give you a quick outlook of the art classes we offer throughout the months of February, March, April, and May.
  • Collaborating and networking with other artists
  • Exhibiting your own artwork and experiencing the works of others.
    Fees you can afford (see class description for fees)
    Photo Gallery from Ray at night.









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